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This is what sets The Gaia People apart

We create stories that inspire change and have a lasting impact through our films, documentaries and digital programmes. We produce factual content across all platforms in natural history, human interest, science, technology and current social issues for the Indian and international market.

Our award-winning films include The Pad Piper, Tigress Blood, Rajaji – A Forest by the Ganges, Manas – Return of the Giants, India’s Wandering Lions, and Mrityubhoj – The Death Feast. Upcoming releases include On The Brink.

We shepherd ideas from development to production and collaborate with the best producers, cinematographers and directors worldwide and use the latest cutting-edge equipment to make cinematic dreams come true.

Ours is an inclusive and representative organisation where everyone can thrive and be challenged to do their best. We are known for our diverse workforce and also for nurturing emerging talent.

It’s what we do. It’s what we love.

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